Agency ME – Welcome  أهلا و سهلا


Agency ME position specialists and executives in the GCC.

We are experts in research, talent and relationship management.

Agency ME offers recruitment to the GCC region, using a powerful combination of our reputation in the Middle East/European business markets plus 20 years of experience in specialist searches.

Working hand in hand with you as a client or candidate, we take an individual approach at every stage of your recruitment experience.

About Us

Agency ME recruitment is based in both Dubai and UK in order to strengthen our international reach and ultimately our ability to deliver on assignments.

We are a performance-based team that monitors and responds to a progressive and innovative market place. We are experts in sourcing the best specialists in their individual fields.

Agency ME measure success on our ability to stay connected to the creative market in the UAE.  We measure our performance on our ethos to work hard to build long term trust in our capabilities.

Agency ME is instinctively driven, our knowledge and research capabilities allow us to supply accurate information and in turn form long-term partnerships with our clients.

The ultimate goal for Agency ME is not just the introduction of a specialist, but the long-term contribution that person makes to our client’s business.

Our Philosophy

Agency ME works on the belief that regularly measuring individual performance and accountability is key to overall business success. With this in mind, we aim to help clients attract the best senior candidates who will nurture excellence in the workplace.

Some people we’ve worked with

"Neil's is a great professional in his field. He is one of the few people, if not the only one, that really helps you to find the perfect job for you. He takes the time to know you, your preferences, helps you out along the whole process, follows up and makes sure you get what you’re looking for. Thanks again for all your help Neil."
Maria Ravina - Associate Digital Director - Carat